PLY Viewer

Here is a PlyViewer demo: PlyViewer

Just Drag&Drop your ply file into the black area and wait until it’s loaded.
For now, only PLY files with float xyz and uchar rgb and up to ~8m points are supported. For example:

element vertex 462312
property float x
property float y
property float z
property uchar red
property uchar green
property uchar blue

If you don’t have a supported ply file, try this one: vienna_parliament_relief.ply

This is what it looks like:

PotreeConverter with support for LAS, PLY and XYZ files

Download Windows 64bit binaries:

PotreeConverter can now transform following file formats into the potree format:

  • las files with XYZ and 2-byte RGB data.
  • ply files with “element vertex” as the first element and x,y,z,r,g,b properties. Subsequent elements will be ignored. xyz must be floats and r,g,b must be uchars. ASCII and binary_little_endian formats are supported.
  • xyz files with either xyzrgb or xyzi data. Specify the type, as well as the range of the data with the -f and -r options.

Usage has changed in favour of unix-like arguments:

-h [ --help ]             prints usage
-o [ --outdir ] arg       output directory
-s [ --spacing ] arg      Distance between points at root level. Distance
                          halves each level.
-l [ --levels ] arg       Number of levels that will be generated. 0: only
                          root, 1: root and its children, ...
-f [ --input-format ] arg Input format. xyz: cartesian coordinates as floats,
                          rgb: colors as numbers, i: intensity as number
-r [ --range ] arg        Range of rgb or intensity.
--source arg              Source file. Can be LAS, PLY or XYZ


# convert ply files
./PotreeConverter.exe C:/data.ply -s 0.5 -l 4

# convert las files
./PotreeConverter.exe C:/data.las -s 0.5 -l 4 -o C:/potree_converted

# convert files in the xyzrgb format with rgb between 0 and 255
./PotreeConverter.exe C:/ -f xyzrgb -r 255

# convert files in the xyzi format with intensity between 0 and 65536
./PotreeConverter.exe C:/ -f xyzi -r 65536

Read more at:

PotreeConverter – sourcecode

The PotreeConverter sourcecode can be downloaded here:
PotreeConverter – source

It includes a Visual Studio 2012 solution. There is no linux build but I don’t think I’ve used any platform dependend code so it shouldn’t be hard to create one.

For anyone interested in how it works, here is a documentation. It’s written for a course I attended and explains the algorithm, not the source code.
PotreeConverter – documentation