New Release – Potree 1.0RC

Try it out, it’s great! :)
It’s RC until it survives the first wave of feedbacks and I’ve finished an API reference.

With this, the previous roadmap has been finished. What’s left to do are more examples to demonstrate the features. This will hapen within the next few weeks.

You can get the source code here:
Documentation is here: Documentation; User Interface Documentation
Windows binaries for the converter are here: Downloads

I will continue to develop this, now as master thesis under the Harvest4D Project

Thanks to Martin Isenburg, Georepublic, Sigeom Sa, SITN,Pix4D, Howard Butler and Uday Verma as well as everyone else who contributed. And Open Topography for their awesome repository of freely available point cloud data.

And of course, here are 4 new demos:


sigeom sa


Lion – LAZ compressed

One thought on “New Release – Potree 1.0RC

  1. Hi , this is a hugely progressive step , absolutely brilliant. i would like to utilize the software to map areas , however some formatting challenges exist with the files , I would like to be able to handle three different method for model representation , namely survey , lidar and laser scanning , geo ref can be handled later , but at this point , the only similarity between the files , is XYZ and rgb . can your convertor handle a XYZ and rgb file ( 118229.9,6875910,1429,#000000) , ? rather than the .las I am going to try using to stream in points into three as particles , and hope that the browser wont crash wil so many points.

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