New Release – Potree 1.1

Changelog – Potree
Changelog – PotreeConverter

The most important changes are:

  • Potree format 1.6 with better support for very large point clouds (>1billion points). Hierarchy has been taken out ofcloud.js to reduce file size and nodes in the data folder are stored in a hierarchical directory structure.
  • EarthControls navigation mode for faster and more precise navigation in large landscapes.
  • PotreeConverter automatically generates a web page if the –generate-page parameter is specified.

One thought on “New Release – Potree 1.1

  1. Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for your time spent on this project. You and Daniel from CloudCompare do some excellent work for us laser guys.

    I am trying to figure out how to implement a layers function. I’d like to have 2 or more point clouds in the viewer and have the ability to turn off the separate point clouds individually. E’g. turn off the roof of a house to see inside, etc.

    I am trying a workaround using the “Materials” drop down box so I could switch to a colour scheme where the points I don;t want to see are invisible and the ones I do want to see are coloured but this aint working.

    Any ideas on where I should start or is this a feature that could be implimented in future releases?

    Many thanks again for all your hard work. A total legend!



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