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  1. Hi, the xyzrgb2bin.exe doesn’t run at all for me on windows 8. I get a message with “xyzrgb2bin.exe has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to the problem…” And that just stops after a short while. I’ve tested 2 xyz files that looks correct to me:

    X Y Z R G B
    16.9279 30.3672 15.4777 192 1 1
    10.7653 28.803 20.0604 192 1 1
    24.0921 16.0962 12.943 192 1 1
    7.62703 17.6064 20.0604 192 1 1
    17.2734 30.3672 17.6138 192 1 1
    5.14731 21.1941 18.357 192 1 1
    17.2587 30.3672 8.13475 192 1 1
    15.7233 23.199 20.0604 192 1 1
    5.14731 25.6729 8.41771 192 1 1

    (2500 lines)

    X Y Z R G B
    0.250093728303909 -27.0981636047363 14.9246044158936 128 128 128
    0.249465838074685 -26.9694499969482 14.9246673583984 128 128 128
    0.249465838074684 -26.9694499969482 14.9246673583984 128 128 128
    0.249465838074684 -26.9694499969482 14.9246673583984 128 128 128
    0.250843733549118 -26.8430919647217 14.9245290756226 128 128 128
    0.250843733549118 -27.0232391357422 14.9245290756226 128 128 128
    0.250843733549118 -16.7686729431152 14.9245290756226 128 128 128
    0.250843733549118 -17.0238132476807 14.9245290756226 128 128 128
    0.250843733549118 -16.6381320953369 14.9245290756226 128 128 128

    (1 753 989 lines)

    The first file is around 80KB and the second one is around 112MB.

    command used: xyzrgb2bin c:\wamp\www\potree\xyz\box.xyz c:\wamp\www\potree\bin\box.bin 255

    I’ve also tried relative paths, with no difference.

    Any ideas for debugging?

    Thank you for doing this awesome project.

    • Remove the first line, “X Y Z R G B”, from the file. The converter tries to convert the tokens into floats and integers and fails because these chars are not numeric.

      Good luck, tell me when you’ve got something to show!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you very much for providing such a great tool!
    Do you plan to release source code for the PotreeConverter? Or Unix/Linux compatible binaries? I would like to use it on non-windows systems.

    Thank you again for all the work you did.

  3. Markus,

    We are looking into deploying Potree in an Amazon cloud instance but we first need to get some idea of what system requirements the software needs. Can you post somewhere some suggested system specs for those of us starting out?

    Much appreciated, thanks.


    • Hello Jeremy,

      On the server side, all you need is a fast connection since there will be a lot of traffic. If you host the point clouds on amazon and the web page on a different server, you’ll also have to enable CORS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-origin_resource_sharing

      On the client side, you need a WebGL enabled browser like chrome or firefox. IE11 works too, but it’s rather slow.
      I’ve tested potree on a 6 year old notebook with a NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS and on a mobile phone (galaxy s4 active).
      Both have little GPU power but are capable of running the skatepark demo with 60m points (http://potree.org/demo/potree_2014.05.23/examples/skatepark.html).

      By the way, when converting your pointcloud, I’d suggest you set the spacing (-s) parameter such that the data/r file is between 400kb and 800kb. Larger files will take long to load and contain too much points which can slow down rendering. Smaller files result in too much nodes, which can also slow down the rendering.

      Good luck and tell me, when you’ve got something to show online!

  4. Is it possible to host potree in IIS? It works in apache server but when added in virtual directory in IIS, it does not render. Is there a workaround?

      • Thnx for the quick response. It is now working. But i still have one problem. I downloaded the source from https://github.com/potree/potree. In there are three examples. lion_las and lion_laz are working but lion.html is not working. I can see everthing ( the sky, ground..) but not the lion.

        • Fix it. In IIS, “bin” is marked as hidden segment under “request filtering”. After removing “bin” from hidden segment, lion.html also worked. In _lasand _laz, files had extesions like r.laz and r.las, so this rules was not applied in this case. But in lion.html. r files do not have extension nad this rule was checked. I GUESS.

  5. I can see the 3D object in IE 11 but not the sky. th background is all white.
    What can be the reason ?

    I have hosted potree in IIS. Demo runs good in Chrome but not in IE 11.

  6. Is the Potree format more efficient /compact than a simple PLY viewer?

    Can your solution be used on a commercial site with mention/credit?


    • It is more efficient for large point clouds, like >1m points. With ply, you have to load and render all points at once. Potree only loads and renders points inside the viewport and up to a certain level of detail.
      You can use it on a commercial site. Credits and a link back to potree are appreciated!

      Let me know when you build something that is accessable for the public!

      • Thanks Mark. Will surely keeps you posted.

        Also, are you suggesting to use PLYViewer for small clouds and Converter for large clouds or use Converter for both.

        Basically, will the performance be better even in case of smaller clouds too?


        • If you’re talking about the old PLYViewer, i wouldn’t use it at all unless it realy is sufficient for your use case.

          Better use the Converter for any point cloud you’ve got. If you’re looking for a good las/laz point cloud viewer that does not require converting the point cloud, you could take a look at plas.io: http://plas.io/

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