Rewriting potree using three.js

I’m currently working on rewriting potree in three.js. With this, you will be able to render huge point clouds as well as everything three.js has to offer.

Here are some demos of the current state:
* Distance Measuring
* Skyboxes
* Using one point cloud multiple times in a scene

The threejs based rewrite is available at:
It is not stable, yet, but it will become the main branch soon so it might be a good idea to experiment with it instead of the master branch.

One thought on “Rewriting potree using three.js

  1. bravo, very nice development, very useful.

    An interesting application is to draw a profile of the point cloud based on the distance tool.
    Eg. use a strip of the points along a line for the entire Z component.
    Eg. cross section tool of CloudCompare.

    Best regards

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