three.js based rewrite release

The rewrite is now in the master branch. Get the source code at github.
The previous stable release is still available in the archive_latest_before_threejs branch.

Documentation is outdated and has been removed. Take a look at the examples to see how potree is used.

The online-demos have been updated as well. Click on an image to open a demo page:




Ecosynth – Forest

Vienna Parliament Relief


2 thoughts on “three.js based rewrite release

  1. So happy I can use potree in three.js . What’s the plan for your filtered splats? Are those going to get ported to three.js too?

    • I’d like to but I’ve also experimented with a another shader that is faster and has similar quality.
      Here is an example:

      Unfortunately, it requires a WebGL extension that is only available in chrome canary and firefox aurora. But chances are, that these extensions might be released in the next few months.
      If not, I’ll take a look at filtered splats again.

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